Week 9

Aug 13th All Day

Oct 22nd All Day

Jan 14th All Day

Wm Chen 1-20 class postures

Practice and Review

  1. Preparation
  2. Opening
  3. Ward off with Left Hand
  4. Ward off with Right Hand
  5. Roll Away
  6. Press
  7. Push
  8. Single Whip
  9. Lifting the Hands
  10. Shoulder Strike
  11. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  12. Cross Over the Knee and Step
  13. Playing the Guitar
  14. Cross Over the Knee and Step
  15. Step Up, Deflect, Intercept and Punch
  16. Get the Needle at the Sea Bottom
  17. Spread Arms Like a Fan
  18. Turn and Strike with Back Fist, Chop with the Fingers
  19. Withdraw and Push
  20. Crossing Hands