Jim Ransom

Jim Ransom started his Martial Arts training as a 7 year old, wrestling in AAU Junior Open Division until he was 15. While in high school, he switched to Kudukan Judo. In 1969, Jim began training in various schools of karate-do, including Chito Ryu, Uechi-Ryu, Shotokan, and Tae Kwon Do. He was a member of the Purple Dragons, a Wu-Shu Karate club.

In 1971, he began training in traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan with Perng Shing in Rochester, NY and was given permission to teach in 1973. In 1974, Jim instructed T'ai Chi Ch'uan at the University of Rochester Club. In 1979, he began training with Sung Kai in Wu Shu and Chen Pan-ling style T'ai Chi Ch'uan. As Assistant Instructor, he taught classes at the University of Rochester Medical Center, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and at Rochester Institute of Technology.

In 1982, Jim was a founding member of The Rochester T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center and the center's first President.

Through the years, Jim has studied and practiced with many teachers and friends, some famous and some not. His teachers have included Perng Shing, Sung Kai, Ping Zhen Cheng, Yang Jun, He Wei Chi, Chen Yun Ching, Chen Yun Chao, Ray Heywood, Steve Martin, and Nick Gracenin.

In May 2000, he participated in the 5th Grand World Wu Shu Festival in Shanghai, China as a member of Coach He Wei Chi's team. He won two 1st places and two 2nd places in traditional forms.

In September 2006, he began his training with Chen Yun Ching, Chen Pan-Ling's son, in Rochester. In January 2007, Jim participated in a training tour in Taiwan, training with Chen Yun Ching and Chen Yun Chao, and was given permission to teach.

Jim was inducted into Chen Yun Ching's Ling Yun Pai family during a traditional Bai Shi ceremony at the Confucius Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on January 21, 2009.

Jim is committed to sharing the knowledge that his teachers have shared with him. His classes are lively and varied, including instruction in:

  • T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Yang, Chen Pan-ling, 24 Mainland)
  • Taiji Qigong and traditional health exercises
  • Hsing-I Ch'uan
  • Ba Gua Zhang
  • Shaolin
  • Weapons Instruction: Stick, Staff, Spear, Sabre, Broad Sword, and Sword

Jim can be reached through The Rochester T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center; directly at home: 585-267-7257; cell: 585-200-2861; or via email at jransom@rochester.rr.com.