Sifu Kathleen M. Gill, Ph.D.

kathy.jpgDr. Kathy Gill is a clinical psychologist with over thirty years of experience in stress management and health promotion. She tells her clients and students that the best method of relaxation is the one you practice every day - and T'ai Chi is that method for her. She became familiar with T'ai Chi in the mid-70’s on her internship in California.

Her Training Director, Dr. Donald Lim, laughed and laughed when she said she hadn’t yet achieved balance, but supported her interest in continuing the form. She began to study the form in 1980 when she lived in the Boston area. She keeps learning that T'ai Chi is increasingly subtle and rich the longer you play it, and was reassured by Master Ken Cohen that as a practice, it’s a process rather than something you ever “get”. In 1997, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen suggested she should teach it, and in sharing it with others, she continues refining her own practice.

When she returned to Rochester in 1999, she began to add more layers of martial application to her practice, with the help of the Rochester T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center teaching staff. She is continuing to learn the William C.C. Chen and Chen Pan-ling long forms, William C. C. Chen sword form, Cheng Hsin, and a fan form.

Kathy has been a member of the Rochester T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center Board of Directors since 2001, and Secretary from 2001-2010. At the Center, she teaches William C.C. Chen beginners through refinement and principles, as well as Qigong meditation, movement and standing. She was also on the Board of Trustees of the Friends of Ganondagan and is a volunteer trail guide there. She has recently retired from the VA Outpatient Clinic in Rochester and teaches T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Qigong to combat veterans with PTSD as part of their healing.

Personal Statement

“My main interest is in T'ai Chi and Qigong for health and relaxation, though I reluctantly admit that studying the martial application does improve my form and my grasp of the internal principles. I credit the RTCCC for establishing an atmosphere of physical and emotional security that promotes learning. I thrive in that kind of atmosphere, and believe it embodies the Taoist precepts that underlie T'ai Chi and Qigong. It’s very moving to me that indigenous cultures have developed these profound and effective systems of health promotion. The importance of breathing, connection with Nature and its cycles, and directing healing to self and others, which is so much a part of T'ai Chi, is just being recognized by Western science. Personally and professionally, these principles are invaluable to me for promoting balance and awareness.”


1981 - 1999

Individual instruction with Sifu Alan Shapiro, Newton, MA, a graduate of the William C.C. Chen T'ai Chi Ch'uan school.

1992 – Present

Workshops with the Grandmaster’s senior students Sifu Carol Mancuso (form, sword), Ed Matthews (principles, application), Jim Holz (form, principles, application, sword), and Qigong Master Ken Cohen (The Way of Qigong; External Qi Healing; Primordial Qigong; Coiling Silk; Snake, Hawk and Orca Qigong; Taoist T'ai Chi Ruler; Yi Quan; Healing Sounds); T.T. Liang’s senior student Sifu Paul Gallagher (T'ai Chi Classics); internal martial artists Bruce Kumar Frantzis (Chi Gung Standing Postures), Master Ping Zhen Cheng (Qigong), Master Peter Ralston (Cheng Hsin), Dr. Tao Ping-siang (T’ui shou) and Dr. Jay Dunbar (Five Animal Play) and Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching (Chen Pan-ling form).


Certificate, William C.C. Chen T'ai Chi Ch'uan

1999 - 2004

Push Hands and Cheng Hsin with Sifu Frank LaManna


Diploma, William C.C. Chen T'ai Chi Ch'uan